Do you have toys? Because I do!!  If you don’t, then you better go shopping!  I want you to have all toys ready and everything we’re going to use such as; nipple clamps, spatula, dildo, but plugs, vibrators of all sorts, and anything else we might need.

My favorite thing for us is he to do is to follow my exact instructions and even input and some of the things they would like to do as well just be really really interactive.

I have Dated a sissy before and he was such a doll.I like to dress him up and make him a very sexy. And even hook him up with different guys and watch and have a great time.

I would have to say I’m a loving and a dominant mother tight I like to take control but I am also caring but I am a great great for is the when it comes to taking charge I loves the one to listen and do their told like a good boy.

I like hard-core domination and sensual domination but my favorite is hard-core domination because it gives me a sense of power and I love being in control and telling guys what to do I mean hey this gives me an outlet to do what I want to deal and guys love it.

And some of the things I’d like to do on my calls are: got it masturbation, forced feminization, masturbation in diapers, humiliation, cock holding, forth bi, and hard-core punishment

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