Hardcore or sensual?     If my sissy follows my rules then I am sensual😏 if my rules are broken then I am hardcore😈
When you get ready to call me,  I insist that my sissy’s be dressed in Al least their panties, and be ready to play
I enjoy Feminization, Cuckolding,Chastity , Strap on, Humiliation, Forced cum eating, and Torture ,Strap-ons, Butt plugs, Dildos, Nipple clamps, and Cock cages
 I will punish my sissy’s… There are rules set forth for my pleasure and hers..when rules are broken there are consequences to be had…
 The consequence depends on the offence…
If she masterbates with out permission , when we have play time she will not be allowed to cum…
 If she comes out of chastity without permission , she will not be allowed out of chastity while we play. And will receive spankings with her panties down.

2 thoughts on “Natalie

  1. Id agree sisdytrained by you cuckold sisdy girl be gd girl suck bbc kust to be ur girl your very sexy hve pink chasty you get keys to keep or throw away can be a cuckhold for you

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