Here are items I have for sale:

          I like dressing my sissies up is my favorite fetish.  And taking them into a public place, bar/club/etc and forcing them into going and finding someone that they will end up sucking off in the club.  Of course with me guiding them into how to do it, which way to move their mouth, their tongue, hearing them gag on it.  Sound like something you’d like?
I do would also like you to have a dildo available and lube…it’s always needed if you’re into ass play… so put that on your list of items to have ready!
When it comes to CBT, you should have rope available, like 550 cord,  and some clothes pins
What you can expect from me?
     I love degradation, calling them a pathetic bitch, not a man, things of that nature.  Really making sure you know that you are a little dicked loser!

Here is a short list of thigns I like:
Forced Fem
Using household items (ice, phone cables, chip clips)
Giving orders